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Divorce, child custody, child support and paternity actions can be extremely stressful and difficult. These types of family proceedings are often very adversarial and strike to the very core of a person’s sense of identity and security.

There seems to be a great deal of uncertainty as to the possible outcomes, and people who are embroiled in family disputes tend to react emotionally, causing even more stress. Where there are children involved, this stress can trickle down to cause them great anxiety and fear.

The Mentor Law Firm pledges to undertake all Florida family law matters with the goal of resolving them as quickly and painlessly as possible. The role of an advocate in family proceedings is essential to the well-being and protection of our clients.

At the same time, we recognize and understand that the vast majority of family law litigants are average people with average means. For this reason, we will not “churn” your file by pursuing unnecessary motions and endless discovery. We believe our role as your advocate is to achieve the best result for you in the most efficient manner possible, while preserving your sense of dignity, keeping costs under control, and always safeguarding your best interests and those of your minor children.

We strive to do so with the compassion required for these stressful situations.

Ms. Mentor is a seasoned practitioner in the field of Florida family law. Her practice includes dissolution of marriage, determination or disestablishment of paternity, child support, access and visitation, registration and enforcement of out of state divorce or child support judgments and post-judgment modifications.

The Mentor Law Firm also has extensive experience in the immigration implications of marriage and divorce. Issues such as how to protect an immigrant spouse’s status in the event of a divorce, support obligations, and other immigration implications often arise in the context of international marriages.

Ms. Mentor also has experience in representing clients with international child custody matters involving the Hague Convention. Ms. Mentor has represented parents in petitions for return of a minor child under the Hague Convention Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, including a successful appeal to the Fourth District Court of Appeal in Florida.


Foreign nationals who desire to live and work in the United States, either temporarily or permanently, often find the maze of U.S. immigration laws and regulations very confusing and difficult to understand.

Even sophisticated entrepreneurs and highly educated professionals who have a good grasp of their options may not understand some of the subtleties and intricacies of U.S. immigration law. In addition, it is often advisable to approach immigration problems from a planning perspective, by gradually achieving milestones toward the ultimate goal of permanent residence or, at the very least, a prolonged stay in the United States with work authorization.

In her 29 years of experience, Ms. Mentor has handled nearly all types of business immigration matters, both for nonimmigrants and those seeking employment-based green cards. She has written a book entitled “L Visas Made Easy: A Guide for the International Entrepreneur” (© 2009).

She has successfully processed dozens of L visa applications, EB-5 foreign investor petitions, and E-1 (Treaty Trader) as well as E-2 (Treaty Investor) applications. In addition, Ms. Mentor has assisted individuals seeking permanent residence as EB-1 Intracompany Transferees (Managers or Executives of a Multinational Company).

The Mentor Law Firm offers a comprehensive approach to complex immigration situations, particularly as a planning process for ultimate immigration goals. We handle problems including all manner of family and business immigration, inadmissibility waivers, deportation and removal, naturalization and investment-based immigration.

In addition, Ms. Mentor’s practice has focused largely on immigration through investment. Her extensive practice in EB-5 law has taken her to China eight times to help promote EB-5 projects and meet with investor clients and project managers there.

Her work with EB-5 regional centers has generated a myriad of professional contacts in China and other regions around the world, including manufacturers, financial and banking professionals and emigration agents.

Ms. Mentor has established three EB-5 regional centers, as well as having rendered advice and counsel to EB-5 project managers for immigration compliance.  Ms. Mentor also represents numerous foreign investors in regional center projects. She has also represented dozens of EB-5 investors in regional center projects.

Ms. Mentor has participated in several speaking engagements to local business owners and real estate groups about EB-5 opportunities as well as other business-based immigration opportunities.

In addition to EB-5 investor green cards, Ms. Mentor also serves clients seeking E-2 visas, L visas, extraordinary ability visas, national interest waivers, labor certifications, and all types of business and employment visas.

Ms. Mentor also has extensive trial experience before the immigration courts. She has successfully secured cancellation of removal, 212 (c), and asylum cases on behalf of clients in deportation or removal proceedings.


My family law practice focuses on Florida dissolution of marriage, child custody, time-sharing and child support, paternity, enforcement, and post-judgment modification of marital settlement agreements and custody determinations.

Family law disputes are among the most stressful life situations a person can ever face. A person in the midst of a divorce or post-judgment action often feels that his or her parenting ability, financial security, and reputation in the community are being threatened.

Even less consoling is the prospect of spending thousands of dollars in legal fees to reach a final resolution.

At Mentor Law Firm, our main goal is to assist our clients through this difficult transition with the least possible expense and mental suffering. If you have children, we will strive to help you minimize the impact to them as well.

We have helped many individuals and families reach reasonable resolutions of this trying and unfortunate situation, and have helped put them in a position to move on successfully with their lives.

The key to this formula is resolution rather than extensive, costly litigation. Rather than spending months of sleepless nights and thousands of dollars on litigation with an uncertain outcome, it is often possible to reach an amicable settlement that all parties can live with. We make this principal the first rule of zealous advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Meeting about Policies on Immigration

I spoke to the Treasure Coast Chapter of the Florida Association of Paralegals about Trump’s stance on immigration law and policy, his several executive orders this past week, their implications for the future and predictions about what will happen.

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